Bezel Set Pendants

bezel setting has a snug band that fits around the stone, protecting it and holding it in place. I fabricate each bezel setting to fit each stone perfectly, using techniques including soldering. The sky’s the limit as far as the design possibilities go. I’ll walk you through some of the options here. If you can dream it, I can make it!

Silver vs. Gold

The first thing you’ll most likely want to consider is whether you want a silver or gold pendant.

For silver pendants, I use a combination of sterling silver and fine silver, using each of those two metals to their best advantage. I prefer to use fine silver for the bezel itself, because it is a little softer than sterling silver, making for a perfectly snug fit. I chose sterling silver for all of my bails because it is a little harder and more durable, standing up to wear over time.

For gold pendants, I can make your pendant in any gold alloy you choose. A word to the wise: gold on the market costs about 60-70 times more than silver, so it is not going to be inexpensive. I’m happy to work in yellow, rose, or white gold, according to your preferences. Please note that I do not make these pendants in gold-plated or gold-filled, only in karat gold.

Silver Bezel Set Pendant
Malachite Sterling Silver Bezel Set Pendant
Gold Bezel Set Pendant
Koroit Boulder Opal Yellow Gold Pendant

Bezel Styles

The bezel is the metal band that fits snugly around the stone, protecting it and holding it in place. I offer four different styles of bezels that you may choose from: plain, scalloped, serrated, or gallery

Here are photos showing what each bezel style looks like:

Plain Bezel
Rhodochrosite Pendant with Plain Bezel
Scalloped Bezel
Fossilized Coral Sterling Silver Pendant
Serrated Bezel
Chrysoprase Pendant with Serrated Bezel
Gallery Bezel
Blue Chalcedony Sterling Silver Pendant with Gallery Bezel

Bail Styles

The bail is the part at the top of the pendant that secures the pendant to a chain or cord. I offer three styles of bail: triangle, fluted, or beveled.

Here are photos showing what each bail style looks like:

Triangle Bail
Fluted Bail
Beveled Bail

Accent Stones and Other Embellishments

At your request, I can add accent stones or other embellishments. I can add your birthstone, diamonds, stones with complementary colors, or patterns in just about any style you can imagine.

See a few examples of the possibilities below:

Accent Stones
Leafy Embellishment
Malachite Pendant with Leafy Embellishment
Abstract Embellishment
Baltic Amber Pendant with Abstract Embellishment

Reversible or One-Sided?

In addition to the options shown above, I can make your pendant either reversible or one-sided. I can cut out any pattern you choose on the back, or add accent stones or other embellishments. Here are a few of the possibilities for reversible pendants below:

Leafy Pattern Cut Out
Reversible Tigereye Pendant with Cut Out Back
Filigree Leaf Back
Reversible Moonstone Pendant with Filigree Leaf Back
Cherry Blossom Cut Out
Reversible Labradorite Pendant with Cherry Blossom Cut Out

Interested in a feature you don’t see described here? No problem! Drop me a line describing what you have in mind…