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If you’re interested in a custom gemstone pendant or other custom piece of jewelry, this is the place to ask!

I’ll do my best to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Custom Order Inquiry

Do you have a cabochon you would like me to set?

Do you have some idea of what kind of design you would like?

Are you interested in gold or silver?

Are you interested in having your cabochon bezel set or wire wrapped?

Would you prefer a Criss Cross or Scrolls pattern?

What style of bezel are you interested in?

What style of bail are you interested in?

Are you interested in having accent stones on your pendant?

Are you interested in other embellishments on your pendant?

Are you interested in having a pattern on the back of your pendant?

Harmony Round Enamel Pendants by Michele C. Dodge

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