Wire Wrapped Pendants

To create a wire wrapped pendant, I construct a frame with several pieces of wire around the stone to protect it and hold it in place. I’ll walk you through all of the wire wrapped options on this page. You can choose your metal, the style of the wire wrap, and if you’d like your pendant to be embellished with beads.

Sterling Silver vs Gold-Filled

I offer two choices of quality metal for wire wrapped pendants: sterling silver and 14/20 gold-filled.

Follow these links to learn more about sterling silver or gold-filled.

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant
Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant
Gold-Filled Wire Wrapped Pendant
Gold-Filled Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Criss Cross or Scrolls

I create wire wrapped setting in two different styles. I call the first style Criss Cross. It features a pattern of wires criss crossing in front of the stone. The second pattern is Scrolls, which features scrolls of wire cascading down the front.

The following photos show an example of each style:

Criss Cross Style
Criss Cross Sterling Silver Wire-Wrapped Carnelian Pendant
Scrolls Style
Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Scrolls Botswana Agate Pendant

Beads or No Beads

For the Scrolls style of pendant, there is one more choice to make: beads or no beads. I can make it either way for you. The Beads version is embellished with 5 beads across the front. The beads are sterling silver or gold-filled, as you choose. See the photos below to see the difference between a pendant with beads and one without.

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant with Beads
No Beads
Gold-Filled Wire Wrapped Pendant with No Beads