Custom Gemstone Pendants

If you’ve purchased a stunning gemstone cabochon, and you’d like to have it made into a pendant, you’ve come to the right place! I offer a variety of styles, metals, accent stones, and custom embellishments to make the bespoke jewelry of your dreams. I will walk you through the various options here. If you have no idea at all what you want, that’s okay too! Just contact me with a photo of your stone, and I’ll give you my recommendations.

Custom Gemstone Pendants by Michele C Dodge

Bezel Setting vs Wire Wrapping

The first decision you’ll need to make is if you’d prefer a bezel set or wire wrapped pendant.

Perhaps you’re asking, “What’s the difference?”

bezel setting has a snug band that fits around the stone, protecting it and holding it in place. I fabricate bezel settings using techniques including soldering.

A wire-wrapped setting has multiple wires that form a frame holding the stone in place. I use the shape and patterns of the stone to decide exactly how to construct the frame so that is both beautiful and secure.

I present an example of each style in the photos below:

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