Today’s story is about a day I don’t remember very well. I don’t remember how old I was; I don’t remember the weather, or what I ate that day. I’m not even 100% sure who was with me. So why write about such a day that’s so foggy in my memory? Despite the lack of details, it made a huge impression on me.

This is a brief and hazy story about the day that my mom took me to the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Although my memory isn’t exactly clear on the matter, I don’t think any of my siblings were with us that day. Being the oldest of seven kids, this didn’t happen often, so a trip alone with mom was super special. This was a day that mom shared something with me that she loved – Old Town Alexandria. She loves to walk along the water there. I think she likes the history of the buildings and the waterfront. This was a rare opportunity for me to learn something about her.

The part that I remember keenly (and she doesn’t remember at all) is the art on display at the Torpedo Factory that day. There was an enamel exhibition at the time. I was completely enthralled. There were plaques that described the various enameling techniques, and I read them all. There were many enameling techniques represented in the exhibit, but I fell especially in love with the cloisonné pieces. I loved the brilliant and subtle-shaded transparent glass, all nice and neat in little silver and gold cells.  And I marveled that anybody could work in such detail on such miniature artworks. I didn’t imagine at the time that it was something that I would one day have an opportunity to do myself. It was the most magnificent art I’d ever seen.

Little did my mom or I realize that that afternoon out would be a glimpse into my future. Thanks, mom, for introducing me to my true love! Let’s go back again soon!