It has now been just over a year since I started receiving Botox treatments for my migraines, and I’m happy to report that it’s helping.

I’ve been going in for a Botox treatment about once every 12 weeks, I’m getting fewer migraines (from >15 per month to about 10 per month), and the migraines that I get are less intense. I rate my migraines on a 1-10 pain scale, and most of the migraines I get now are only 5 or 6 on the scale, whereas before I started Botox, I was getting a lot of 7s and more 8s than I care to admit. I actually have a good amount of time with no headache at all, which is pretty incredible progress. 

I’ve been traveling a lot more this year than last year, and I think that has been my major migraine trigger in 2018. Travel means that I’m not able to keep myself on a regular sleep or meal schedule, and I often feel jet-lagged. In April, I flew to the East Coast and back 3 times, and I got 11 migraines over the course of the month. I think I was allergic to something in my hotel room in Raleigh, because I was getting a migraine every night when I came back to the hotel, and I had several migraine-free days when I got home from Raleigh again. Luckily, I have no travel plans again until July, so I’m looking forward to settling into a regular routine. I expect that will help reduce my migraines in May and June.

Another migraine-related change that has taken place is that Imitrex now knocks me out completely. For many years, I was able to take Imitrex, wait a bit, then work migraine-free. Now I take an Imitrex, and I’m barely able to move an hour or hour and a half later, and I often just fall asleep. I’m not sure why my reaction to Imitrex has changed; it could just be aging, or maybe it’s just so many years of taking Imitrex regularly. Who knows?

I’d love to add massage therapy to my migraine prevention regimen. It’s not covered by my insurance company, so I’ll have to find another way to make that happen.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has had experience with Botox for their migraines, or a change in response to Imitrex. Thanks for following my journey as I try to find a less migrainey life!