Since I’m selling online, I am unable to measure your fingers for ring sizing myself. Therefore I need your help to provide me with an accurate measurement.

Let’s make sure your custom created ring is going to fit correctly!


Adjustable Ring Sizer

I offer adjustable plastic ring sizers for $5. When you come back to purchase your ring, the $5 you paid for the ring sizer will be applied toward the cost of the ring.

Follow the instructions that come with the ring sizer to find a comfortable fit. Contact me to let me know your ring size from the sizer, or better yet – send me a photo! If you send me a photo, I’ll be able to see the gauge and the shape of your finger for myself, helping to achieve the perfect fit.


Natural Alexandrite

This is the sizing chart I use to make rings. US ring sizes on the left, the Inside Ring Diameter in mm on the right.

Other Methods

If you need to order right way, and you don’t have the time to wait for a ring sizer to arrive by mail, here are a few more options for you:

Local Jeweler

For the best accuracy, please see a local jeweler to have your finger sized properly. Please let the person measuring your finger know the width of the ring (or ring set) you intend to buy, so they can use the correct set of sizing rings to determine your ring size.

Online PDFs

There are a number of ring sizing PDF’s available online to help you determine your ring size. They usually include a ring sizer that you can cut out to use and a guide that you can use to determine the size of your favorite ring. Please be sure to follow the instructions with the PDF you choose and print at 100% scale for an accurate measurement.

String Method

Using a stiff piece of string, wire, or even a twist tie, make a ring for yourself that can slide on and off comfortable. Take off the ring, lay it out flat, and measure the total length. Write it down, and let me know the length you measured. I can determine your ring size from this. This is not the ideal method, but it’ll work in a pinch.

Important Note: Adjusting for Width

One important thing to note is that for a wider ring (or a set of stacking rings), the ring size will need to go up a bit. This size difference  depends on the shape of the individual fingers. Roughly speaking, a ring (or ring set wider) than 4mm for women or 6mm for men will need to be adjusted.

How to Find Your Sweetheart’s Ring Size

If you’re like most people, you don’t have a clue what ring size your sweetheart wears. If you want to surprise him or her with a ring, here are a couple things to try:

  1. Ask ask your partner’s parents or close friends if they know his/her ring size.
  2. If your partner already has a favorite ring that he/she wears on that finger, measure the ring secretly. It’s ideal if the ring is about the same width as the one you’re planning to buy. If it’s much different, please let me know so I can adjust for that. I recommend printing out one of the many ring sizing PDF’s available online to use as a measuring guide. Be sure to follow the instructions and print at 100% scale. (If you happen to have a caliper, and can measure the inside diameter of the ring, perfect! Just write to me with that number. I can work to an accuracy of 0.1mm.)

***For reference, the average women’s ring size is about US 7, and the average men’s ring size is about US 10.