As 2017 draws to a close, I’m thinking about what is important going into 2018.

My theme for 2017 was Connections. I chose Connections because I’ve always been extremely shy, and I’ve been reluctant to introduce myself to anyone. I’ve led a fairly solitary existence. I also chose Connections as a reminder to stay close to my dear friends and family. When I’m working, I’m thinking only about my work, and I have a tendency to set everything else aside.

I had a combination of successes and failures in my year of Connections. One of my great successes was connecting with Abrams Claghorn Gallery. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this exciting gallery with so many inspiring and hard-working artists. I can’t tell you how much I love the gallery.

My Connections failures were a little more subtle: not returning a phone call, not attending an event… Because I still struggle with Connections, I will keep it on as a secondary theme in 2018.

My main theme for 2018 will be Life Balance. This one is hard. I’ve always been extremely driven in my work, to the point of forgetting everything else. I only get one life, and I need to learn to make time for the things that make life worth living. For me, that means doing some hiking and other outdoorsy things, doing a little travel, and trying new things (hang gliding, anyone?). I realize that I need to give these little moments higher priority. I work incredibly hard at my business, and I’m proud of what I’ve created, but at the end of life, there needs to be more. Unless my nieces or nephews are interested in joining my business, my business ends with me, so I need to do the little things that make life great. 

Onwards into 2018 and Life Balance!